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QUADRUM Intercept


Tarnished collector’s coins are a thing of the past! The patented process, already proven in many different industries, is simple and has no side effects.

This tried-and-tested process takes coin care to the highest level. Regular capsules and snaplocks limit a coin's exposure to ambient air and moisture. The special foam insert inside the QUADRUM snaplock does even more: it provides active protection against tarnishing because it neutralizes harmful atmospheric substances inside the capsule, so that the coin is stored in a non-corrosive micro-climate.

The advantages of the QUADRUM Intercept coin capsule:

  • Active protection from tarnishing for up to 15 years !
  • Non-toxic, no build-up of harmful substances on the coin !
  • For all coins with a diameter of 14 to 41 mm !
  • Identical dimensions to the standard QUADRUM snaplock capsule !
  • Capsules with perfectly fitting black inserts (free from PVC, acids and chemical softeners) !
  • Durable, crystal-clear, scratch-resistant plastic capsules !
  • Secure closure, yet easy-to-open !
  • Extensive range of accessories available !


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