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Kabe: The Premium brand of Lighthouse

Collectors worldwide have come to appreciate KABE's high standard of workmanship and editorial detail gained in over 80 years of experience.

KABE was founded more than 80 years ago in 1917 in the small town of Aschersleben in the Eastern part of Germany.

It is one the oldest manufacturer of stamp albums in the world. The founders, Paul Koch, a printer and ardent philatelist and his partner Herr Bein named the new company after themselves. Koch = KA and Bein = BE. = KABE. Both men decided that their goal would be " The best or nothing". To this day this has remained the guiding philosophy of all the craftsman at KABE. Over the years KABE products have been recognized for their outstanding quality and workmanship throughout Europe.

The hardships of WW II and the communist takeover of the Eastern part of Germany forced KABE to move to the West. It is today located near Hamburg as an arm of Leuchtturm Albenverlag.

Today's products still carry the proud distinction of being "The Best Or Nothing". KABE binders are carefully crafted and fitted by skilled book-binders. Album pages are printed on extra heavy, well aged paper stock. The printing is done the old-fashioned way with offset presses. Glare-free mounts are affixed to each page separately to insure that "perfect KABE look". Double linen hinges allow pages to lie absolutely flat for a beautiful display when opened.
Paul Koch in 1950
You will be proud to own a KABE album To invest in a KABE album today is to provide an heirloom for the future.

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