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LIGHTHOUSE the famous brand

Since its origins in 1917 LIGHTHOUSE has developed into one of the leading companies in the world for collecting systems of philatelic and numismatic accessories. More than 5.000 articles carry the brand's symbol which has become synonymous world-wide for high quality standards: LIGHTHOUSE.

The satisfaction of our customers is at the center of our concerns.

Between tradition and innovation

LIGHTHOUSE is known not only for its quality products but also for its extensive philatelic competence in the development of albums and support to collectors.

"Everything, except for stamps and coins" is the focus of our company. Collectors receive information and the necessary accessories from LIGHTHOUSE! We feel committed to two guiding principles: tradition and innovation.

Philately and numismatics are hobbies with long traditions and rules. For that reason, collectors expect from us to stick to proven products and tried and tested systems. But the collecting of stamps and coins is also ever changing: new collecting objects appear and collecting habits change. Of course, LIGHTHOUSE reacts to new trends with products that correspond to the wishes of our customers. 

Lighthouse has been constantly developing new products to amaze collectors. The Lighthouse hingeless album is considered by many collectors as the world's most famous stamp album. Each album is hand crafted and full of vivid details. This allows the collector to be completely organized and satisfied with there most highly regarded possessions.

With the great success of philatelic supplies, Lighthouse decided to expand to the numismatic collectors. In 2002 Lighthouse introduced supplies for coin collectors. It is estimated that eight out of every ten philatelic or numismatic collectors own at least one Lighthouse product. Lighthouse has grown to become a household name in quality philatelic and numismatic supplies.

At Lighthouse we are dedicated to serving the needs of all our customers. Our quality products are guaranteed to last for many years. Each item has been tested and is safe for all stamps and coins. We have a dedicated staff, which thrives to satisfy our customers. We go to great lengths to support your hobby, with many selections to protect your most cherished belongings.

The editorial staff

The development of the stamp albums, thematic coin albums and our catalogs for stampsand coins is the task of the LIGHTHOUSE editorial staff. It consists of experienced specialists who have a name in this specialized field and are higly valued by collectors, postal administrations and other catalog publishers.

The editorial staff receives daily information from around the world which is reviewed and processed. Extensive archives and our own technical library are available for research as well as international technical periodicals and correspondence to dealers and collectors. The whole material for the more than 140 collecting areas is put into archives which are updated continuously. 

Quality. Made by LIGHTHOUSE!

We manufacture most of our products on our own premises and therefore have a direct influence on the quality, starting with the purchase of raw materials. Our suppliers guarantee that all stamps and coins which are stored in LIGHTHOUSE products are well protected!

By flexible planning and production as well as the utilization of specialized machines we are in the position to fulfill almost every wish and to react immediately to market requirements.

LIGHTHOUSE. World-wide

The basis of our sales department is the close co-operation with our customers. To be close to you, we apply different sales strategies. In the home market, Germany, LIGHTHOUSE maintains direct relations to leading stamp and coin dealers, department stores, as well as stationary shops.

In Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Spain more than 3.500 retail dealers are supplied directly from our warehouse in Geesthacht. In the USA and Canada LIGHTHOUSE has its own subsidiaries. In the other 80 countries, a close contact exists to customers and the postal administrations.

More than 30 customer service staff within and beyond the company take care of your order. Their work is important, as it is clear to us that good product quality is only one aspect of our performance. Just as important is the quality of our customer service and the ability of a timely delivery. 

LIGHTHOUSE - The future has begun

The company was founded in 1917 when the lithographer Paul Koch created the KABE publishing house in Aschersleben. KABE was the abbreviation for Koch & Bein. Bein was the name of his business partner. The KABE publishing house published first stamp and later also coin albums under the brand name "COMET". Paul Koch had to sell this first company in the 30s.

After the war Koch established a new firm in Hamburg in 1948: LIGHTHOUSE, which also produced stamp albums. When the businessman Wolfgang Schön entered into the publishing house in 1959 as an executive partner, LIGHTHOUSE was already a known brand in Germany. Wolfgang Schön had lived in Asia for several years, where he had represented German companies. He saw the future in export trade. In 1962, Kurt Stürken was entrusted with this important task.

Today, LIGHTHOUSE is the biggest exporter of philatelic and coin accessories. For the future it is expected that the demand of the customers for individual problem-solving becomes even more important. For LIGHTHOUSE this means being able to deal with questions of the customer and finding adequate solutions.

Global activities, product innovation and flexibility when fulfilling customer wishes require huge financial and organisational expenses. To strengthen the strategic position of the company, LIGHTHOUSE acquired the rights of the french MOC albums in 1990 and finally, in 1997, the KABE publishing house which reunified both publishing houses established by Paul Koch.

The future aim of the investment is the development of our product range and the extension of our know-how - both for the good of our customers. 

Continuity. Security creates trust

In the management of the company LIGHTHOUSE bets on continuity and stability. The course once adopted by Wolfgang Schön (1914-1996), who made the company known world-wide, is continued by the family Stürken. In 1972, Kurt Stürken became the partner of Wolfgang Schön. In 1997 and in 2003 his two sons Axel and Max entered into the company as executive partners. Today they are managing the company together with their father.

Lighthouse Publications, Inc.

After the great success in Germany and the high level of demand in North America, LIGHTHOUSE expanded its company to the United States by incorporating Lighthouse Publications, Inc. in 1967 in the state of New York. The company started out in a location on the West Side of Manhattan, initially focussing on philatelic supplies.

With corporate growth continuing, the company moved its operations across the Hudson river in 1984, to a new location in Hackensack, NJ. By the beginning of 2002, the company started offering numismatic supplies as well. While stamp collecting is very similar from one country to another, coin collecting in the USA is very different from coin collecting in Germany and other parts of Europe. As a result, LIGHTHOUSE started extensive development efforts to better meet the needs of American collectors. Today, LIGHTHOUSE offers a broad assortment of highly successful products in all segments of the industry and has widened its reach to currency collectors.

The next stage of the company's expansion came in 2014 when LIGHTHOUSE moved its offices and warehouse to its present location in Fairfield, NJ. This facility enabled LIGHTHOUSE to efficiently handle an increasing level of business activity.

In 2017, LIGHTHOUSE celebrated not only the 100th anniversary of the company's founding. LIGHTHOUSE also marked the 50th anniversary of the creation of its subsidiary in the United States through which it is proudly serving a growing number of American collectors.