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Accessibility Statement

At Lighthouse, we’re committed to building meaningful connections with individuals of all ability levels. As with our products, we strive to design solutions and experiences that are intuitive, welcoming, and comfortable. To that end, we are constantly working to improve the accessibility of our facilities, digital and physical. In keeping with the diversity of the communities we serve, we strive to offer diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments where everyone can share and revel in our vision.

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Between our passionate team of in-house developers and select third-party disability consultants, we have implemented a system to monitor and inform our accessibility efforts. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) define requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. We aim to ensure that new, updated, and existing web content produced by our organization will meet WCAG 2.1, Level AA guidelines.

We recently conducted a comprehensive audit for accessibility and identified several barriers that we are actively working to address. Our progressive remediation efforts are targeting the largest and most critical barriers first but will ultimately result in a detailed and mindful rebuild of many elements of our site. In addition, we will work to incorporate revised best-practices into our development pipeline and workflows so that our site maintains a high standard of usability for all our visitors.


Because of the nature of our audit and testing procedure, we recommend using the following web browser and screen reader combinations for the most consistently optimized experience: 
Windows: JAWS and Internet Explorer or NVDA and Firefox
Mac: VoiceOver and Safari or VoiceOver and Chrome
Mobile: VoiceOver for iPhone and TalkBack for Android devices

Tell us how we’re doing!

As with all our products and practices, we learn first and foremost directly from our customers. If you encounter any accessibility barriers or need additional support during your visit, do not hesitate to reach out to us by e-mail:, telephone: (201) 342 – 1513, or through our contact us form. We’re anxious to hear your feedback and use your input actively to constantly improve.

This Statement is under regular review and is updated when milestones are reached, guidelines change, or related internal procedures and protocols are amended. LAST UPDATED: JUNE 2023