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GRIPS XL for coins 29-76 mm. Pack of 2.

Item number: 347615

XL coin capsules are ideal for storing particularly large coins of up to 76 mm in diameter.

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Product description

These XL coin capsules are ideal for storing large coins or medallions. They come with individually removable spacing rings made of chemically inert black foam (free from PVC, acid, and chemical softeners) which also allows smaller coins to fit perfectly into the capsule. They are secure locking, yet easy to open. All capsules are made from durable, crystal-clear and scratch-resistant plastic and make a great replacement for scratched or defective original capsules.

Suitable for all coins from 29 to 76 mm (3'') in diameter. Fits National Park Quarter 5oz silver coins. With 12 spacing rings. Interior height of capsule: 6.3 mm. Exterior height of capsule: 12 mm. Outer diameter: 82 mm (3 1/4'').

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