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PREMIUM Stockbooks - padded leather cover, black pages, clear strips and interleaves

Item number: 800327

• Leather fibre fabric cover (LEFA)
• 9 clear strips per page
• Double clear interleaves
• 32 or 64 black pages
• Double-hinged binding

from $71.95

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Product description

PREMIUM stockbook in A4 format comes with 32 or 64 black card stock pages, 9 clear strips per page and double CLEAR interleaves.

Sturdy double-linen binding ensures that pages lie completely flat.
Luxurious padded cover made with "Lefa" cover material (regenerated leather with 85% natural leather fibers and other sustainable raw materials, such as natural tanning agents, natural latex, natural fats and dyes).

Cover material provides optimum physical characteristics in terms of tensile strength, strong seams, durability, and tear resistance.

Available with or without slipcase.
Overall size with slipcase: 12 1/4 x 9"
Overall size without slipcase: 12 x 9"