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RETRO Stockbook, white pages, hard cover

Item number: 368614

Stockbook in A4 format
Glassine interleaves
16 pages

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Product description

For more than 100 years, “LEUCHTTURM” has been the no. 1 global brand for storage systems for the world’s most popular fields of collecting, including stamps, coins and on-trend topics from pop culture. However, the history of LEUCHTTURM has its roots in philately – the Leuchtturm logo, with its serrated edge based on a stamp – has been the face of the company for generations of collectors.
The A4 vintage-looking “RETRO” stockbook recalls LEUCHTTURM’s long corporate history through reinterpretation of the classic design of the legendary stockbooks. Nevertheless, the original corporate look has been incorporated into the latest design. The tried-and-trusted quality of LEUCHTTURM is reflected in the stockbook’s 16 white pages, in which stamps can be arranged neatly and safely. The popular retro-style design is sure to stand out on any shelf, with LEUCHTTURM lovingly commemorating the tradition and future of stamp collecting.