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VOLTERRA coin case for 12 sovereigns in capsules

Item number: 368468
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Product description

The VOLTERRA coin presentation case holds 12 British gold sovereigns.
It is not only a premium product, it is also a stylish way of presenting and safely storing your coin collection. As a result of the top-quality workmanship, elegant look and practical features, this presentation case is the ideal choice for collectors wishing to keep their coins in pristine condition.
The VOLTERRA coin presentation case comes in top-quality faux wood with a matt black finish that not only looks stylish, it also keeps the coins in a good condition for a long time. The inside of the VOLTERRA presentation case is lined in black velvet. This provides additional padding and protects your valuable coins from scratches and other damage. The 12 round cut-outs in the velvet were developed specifically for storing 12 gold sovereigns in coin capsules (Lighthouse coin capsules 320931)

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