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VOLTERRA Coin Case for 30 Krugerrand 1 oz. Gold Coins

Item number: 363743

Display case for 30 Krugerrand gold coins (1 oz.) in Lighthouse CAPS33 capsules (not included).

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Watch the video to learn more about VOLTERRA coin case for 30 Krugerrand coins in capsules.

High-quality, black, wooden finish coin case with velour interior for storage and display of the popular Krugerrand gold coins in capsules.

Product description

Elegant black presentation case for collecting 30 Krugerrand gold coins (1 oz.) in LEUCHTTURM capsules (GRIPS 33). 1 tray featuring a black velour surface and 30 round cavities (Ø 39 mm / 1 1/2 "). Gold-colored printing on lid and cushion with coin design. Lid cushion is up-holstered in black satin. Secure and unobtrusive magnetic lock. Overall size: 305 x 30 x 245 mm (12 x 1 ¼ x 9 5/8"). Capsules are not included.