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VOLTERRA presentation case for 10 “Tudor Beasts” 2 oz silver coins

Articlenumber: 368022

High-quality black coin case to store 10 Tudor Beasts silver coins (2 oz.).
One inlay with black, velour-like surface and 10 round cavities (Ø 45 mm).
Nobile, silver-coloured lid and cushion print with coin motif. Lid cushion upholstered in black satin.
Secure and unobtrusive magnetic closure. Outer format: 305x30x245 mm

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The “Queen’s Beasts” from Great Britain have become
an unexpected success: these coins were originally intended as an investment product but they soon attracted many fans to the collecting community. Consequently, it was no big surprise that the Royal Mint of Great Britain launched a worthy successor after this collection ended. The new collection focuses on “Tudor Beasts”. The attractive design combined with the weight of two ounces appeal to collectors and investors alike. As the collecting aspect of these silver coins has been put to the fore, it goes without saying that a corresponding storage facility is required by many as a suitable means to house their “Beasts” collection. Leuchtturm has adapted the proven Volterra system for the safekeeping of these two-ounce coins and designed an attractive case for Tudor Beasts, so that this collection of heraldic animals dating back to the Tudor dynasty are stored in a regal setting, and viewers are able to enjoy examining the details of this series.

Our VOLTERRA presentation cases presented in this video

Elevate your coin collecting experience with our finely crafted VOLTERRA Coin Cases. Specifically designed for silver and gold coins, this case combines sophistication with practicality, offering a distinguished home for your treasured collection. 

Discover the perfect blend of security and style for your coin collection. Watch the video to learn more.

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