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Coin Pouch

Item number: 801546

Velour coin pouch.
Available in black and blue and two formats large and small.

from $1.95

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Product description

Ever thought about gifting someone a coin or bullion?
Would you like to enhance the magic and fascination of precious metals by presenting them in elaborate packaging? Do you wish to keep your gift a surprise until it has been opened? Then the coin pouch is just the thing you have been looking for. Available in two different sizes and colours, there is one for every taste and size of coin. The coin pouch is made from elegant and durable velvet, featuring a cord fastening for opening and closing the pouch. This practical coin pouch is ideal for your visits to a coin fair or for presentation on a special occasion. It also makes sense for reasons of sustainability since it can be used permanently for storing coins, long after it has served its purpose as gift packaging.

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