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Coin Wallet with 8 Coin Sheets each for 12 coins, blue

Item number: 335392

Coin wallet with 16 coin sheets for 6 coins each, blue

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Unser POCKET Album ROUTE im Video vorgestellt

In unserem ROUTE Album haben bis zu 96 Münzen platz. Im Video stellen wir Ihnen vor wie Sie das Album korrekt befüllen.

Product description

Coin wallet - 16 coin pages each with individual inserts for 6 coins holding up to 96 coins. Fits all U.S. coins (except Silver $). Perfect for traveling with your collection and bank vault storage. Inserts made of safe, durable rigid PVC, free of chemical softeners. Color: dark blue. Overall size: 141 x 101 mm (5 1/2 x 4''')