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Coin capsules and slabs

Coin Capsules & Coin Holders

We offers a wide range of coin capsules and slabs for the optimal protection of your coins. In addition to the popular round coin capsules with or without grip rim, you will find square coin capsules: QUADRUM and QUICKSLAB and a variety of compatible storage systems.

Visit our coin capsule guide to find out what capsules will be the best fit for your coins.

Round Coin Capsules

Round coin capsules

Discover GRIPS, ULTRA Perfect Fit, ULTRA Intercept, GRIPS XL and MAGIC capsules.

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Square Coin Capsules

Square coin capsules

Discover QUADRUM and QUADRUM Intercept capsules.

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Coin Slabs


Browse our coin slabs. Available for coins from 14 to 41 mm Ø.

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Round and Square Coin Capsules INTERCEPT with tarnish protection

Coin capsules INTERCEPT®

ULTRA Intercept and QUADRUM Intercept capsules provide active tarnish protection.
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