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TCG Sheets GRANDE EASY, clear, pack of 30

Item number: 371476

• GRANDE sheets are 100% acid-free and free from plasticisers
• Suitable for all GRANDE ring binders
• Different compartment divisions

$9.95 (pack of 30)
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Product description

Ultra-transparent welded strips provide ideal protection by completely covering the inserted collector's items.
Available as one-sided clear GRANDE C sheets for viewing from front and back or double-sided black GRANDE S sheets for double capacity.

Both are offered with welded strips in various divisions. Black interleaves provide for an elegant back drop or help with content organization.

Archival quality: 100% free of chemical softeners and acids. Compatible with all standard 3-ring or 4-ring binders.

Dimensions: 9 ½ x 12 ¼" (242 x 312 mm).