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Display Coin Case for 11 Queen’s Beast 2 oz. Silver Coins in Original Capsules

Item number: 364641

Presentation case for 11" Queen’s Beast" 2 oz. silver coins in original capsules.

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Product description

Who would have thought that a coin set featuring British heraldic animals would become such a huge success? The Royal Mint's "Queen's Beast" coins took the bullion world by storm - between 2016 and 2021, a total of eleven coins were issued, each bearing the mark of a particular aristocratic estate whose statue was present at the coronation of Queen Elisabeth II. In the meantime, collectors and investors all over the world seem to be experiencing "Royal fever" and are exploring British genealogy on the basis of these splendid coins.

Coin diameter: 38.6 mm. For use with coins in original capsules.

• Elegant presentation case in matt-black finish.
• 1 inlay covered in black velour with11 circular ports (45 mm diameter).
• Lid cushion upholstered in black satin.
• Fine illustrations of coin motifs are shown in elegant silver-colored printing on the lid and inside cushion.
• Solid construction, chrome plated hinges, secure magnetic closure.

Overall size: 12 x 9 5/8 x 1 1/4" (305 x 245 x 30 mm).